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The average homeowner moves every 10 years.

So if you have 2,500 people in your database… 21 of them will be buying and/or selling their home each month!

The question is… How do you know which ones are actually in the market right now?


MonitorBase Knows Who Is In The Market For A Home

We work hand-in-hand with Experian to tell you who is exhibiting home buyer activity! All you have to do is upload your database to our software and we automatically:

  • Monitor your database buying/selling indicators
  • Tell you which people are currently in the market
  • And automatically send out mail & email offers on your behalf

So you can sit back and take applications from ready homebuyers.


Closing These Loans Is Easy!

So 5-6 will be calling you as a direct response to the marketing we send on your behalf. The other 15 are warm, qualified leads that already have a relationship with you so you can easily call them up and double the amount of applications you get.


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