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Monitoring Contacts to Find Hidden Loans


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The #1 Borrower Retention System
For Mortgage Origination

You spent the time and effort to build the relationship, so keep it!  Borrower retention alerts include Inquiry Alerts, Credit Migration Alerts, Pre-Mover Alerts, and Predictive Scenarios.

Why Choose MonitorBase?

  • Retail Loan Officer Success – Our technology has helped the industry's most prominent retail mortgage loan officers retain borrowers and identity loans in their contacts.  
  • Alert Accuracy – Data quality (data provided by Experian™), enhanced partnerships, and proprietary technology allow us to provide high-quality alerts to save loan officers time and money. 
  • Cost Effective – Our pricing is customized for every mortgage professional, whether you are a loan officer or enterprise lender; our pricing plans are built to drive results.
  •  Leader of Borrower Retention – Since 2007, MonitorBase has been through many market changes and continues to provide high-level value to the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S.

This Is How We Do It!

Predictive Scenario Alerts

To compete in this current mortgage market, mortgage loan officers need an edge.

Our proprietary technology gives LOs exclusive opportunities with a higher probability of buying. 

PA - Equity - color

Home Seller / Buyer

Engage with contacts who are likely to sell/buy a new home in the near future.

PA - HELOC Activity - color

HELOC Activity

Engage with contacts that show HELOC-related lending activity.

PA - Rate and Term - color

Rate and Term

Engage when a contact could likely benefit from a rate reduction.

PA - First Time Buyer - color

First Time Buyer

Engage with first time homebuyers.

PA - Cash Out - color

Cash Out

Engage when your contact is credit qualified and can benefit from a cash-out.

PA - Max Loan Amount Threshold - color

Max Loan Amount Threshold

Engage with contacts that may benefit from changes in agency max loan amounts.

PA - Debt Consolidation - color

Debt Consolidation

Engage with contacts that could benefit from a debt consolidation cash-out.

PA - Seasoned Intent - color

MI Reduction

Engage when a contact can benefit from eliminating mortgage insurance.

Inquiry Alerts

Mortgage Loan Officers will instantly know when their customers or prospects are inquiring about getting a new mortgage with a competitor.

IA - Mortgage Inquiry - color

Mortgage Inquiry

Engage when your contacts are shopping for a mortgage with a competitor.

IA - New Homebuyer Inquiry - color

New Homebuyer Inquiry

Engage with contacts that are entering the housing market.

IA - EPO Warning - color

EPO Warning

Engage when your clients are shopping in their early payoff period.

Credit Migration

Mortgage loan officers can be the heroes who help them when their credit qualifies and walk them through every step of the buyer journey.

CM - Credit Score Migration - color

Credit Score Migration

Engage when your contact's credit score has improved to your minimums.

CM - Bankruptcy Migration - color

Bankruptcy Migration

Engage when your contact's BK has met seasoning requirements.

CM - Payment History Migration - color

Payment History Migration

Engage when your contact's mortgage payment history has improved.

CM - Unscorable Migration - color

Unscoreable Migration

Engage when your contact's credit file is now scoreable.

Listing Alerts

Maybe they are ready to sell their home and stop wasting money on rent. Engage customers ready to move.

PM - Property For Sale - color

Property for Sale

Engage when your contact's property is listed for sale.

PM - Property For Rent - color

Property for Rent

Engage when your contact's address is listed for rent.

Why Are Borrower Retention Alerts So Great?

Cutting Edge Borrower Intelligence Technology

Our technology constantly scans your database of customers, contacts, leads, realtor databases or past clients.

We notify you when any of those contacts are ready for a mortgage transaction. We notify you of anyone who: just applied for a mortgage, improved their credit, listed their home for sale, or hundreds of other proven data points that predict the most likely homebuyers.

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Pre-qualified Inbound Phone Calls & Emails

We automatically send high converting email and direct mail offers of credit on your behalf which generates a consistent stream of inbound calls and emails… so you don’t have to spend so much time doing cold outreach and prospecting.


Warm, Qualified Mortgage Leads

We send mortgage leads (ALERTS) right to your inbox on a daily basis so that you can reach out in person and increase the effectiveness of your marketing.


Softpull - Instant Credit Pre-qualification

With SoftPull, you can give customers a way to start the process and get credit pre-qualified right from their phone. 

  • Share trackable links with referral partners so they can refer customers to you in the field.
  • Save big money on credit reports.
  • Your customers credit is accessed as a soft credit inquiry, so it won't affect their score.
  • Get new customers into your funnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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CRM Integrations

Integrated with your technologies

We work with the tools you already use to seamlessly integrate our expertise into your business.


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Mutual Respect, Accountability, And Success

Trusted by hundreds of lenders

You spent the time and effort to build the relationship, so keep it!  

Taylor Hall
"We absolutely love SoftPull and offer it to every single one of our referral partners! They truly see the value in it and we find it is one thing that really sets us apart from the other companies. SoftPull is the best. =)"
Taylor Hall
Marketing Coordinator
Jason Deamer
"MonitorBase's expertise in getting me in contact with the appropriate borrowers is priceless. Also, their ability to notify me when my past clients are back in the market has been awesome!"
Jason Deamer
tim halverson
"Was able to connect with two clients that have pulled credit recently, and help them with what they needed, that I wouldn't have otherwise even known they were looking at financing."
Tim Halverson
Branch Manager
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