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Borrower Retention Alerts

Your contact database is your most valuable sales and marketing asset.


You spent the time and effort to build the relationship, so keep it!

Inquiry Alerts

Know when you clients are in the market

Inquiry alerts are mortgage credit triggers for your past clients or prospects.  If your past client or prospect applies for a mortgage you are promptly notified!  

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Credit Migration Alerts

Denied doesn't mean denied forever!

Today's credit denials can be tomorrow's closings.  With just a name and address you can monitor prospects with less-than-perfect credit for credit migration and be notified when they make the changes in their financial situation that bumps them up above your credit threshold. 

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Pre-Mover Alerts

Home Listing Alerts

Our pre-mover algorithm tracks your customer's property address for events like real estate listings or for sales by owner postings. 

In many cases a pre-mover alert will trigger before an inquiry alert! 

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Predictive Marketing

Automate your mortgage lead generation when clients are likely in the market

With the amount of data available today, why spend another dollar on mortgage lead generation without some insight into who is in the market and when?  Our program is a data driven marketing platform. 

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