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How to double your repeat customers on autopilot


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Protecting your database shouldn't be the last thing you think about, but it can't always be the first. So, we built a set-it-and-forget-it software that allows you to automate your database marketing in a powerful and intelligent way, turning your database into a recurring source of business.

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Upload Contacts from Your Database

Upload as many contacts as you want, and MonitorBase will constantly monitor them for you, making sure you're always a step ahead of the game. 

Get Alerts When Someone is in The Market

Get notified when one of your contacts applies for a mortgage with a competitor, lists their home for sale, improves their credit, or shows pre-moving behavior.

Close More Loans

4 in 5 of your past clients will close their next loan with someone else. Take them back and give yourself more origination opportunities. Stop losing your clients to the competition.