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Instant Credit Check

Instant Soft Pull Technology

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Why You'll Love SoftPull...

Pre-Qualified Instantly

Clients can be instantly credit pre-qualified from any device in seconds.

Does Not Affect Credit Score

A soft inquiry and will not affect your client's credit score.

Instant Notifications

You are notified instantly with the client's credit report and score.

Result Sharing

Clients can receive and share results with their agent in real-time.

SoftPull Features

  Only $10.95 per credit check - save money on credit reports.

  It couldn't be easier for your clients to use.

  Doesn't trigger your client to be marketed by competitors.

  Unique buttons for each of your referral sources.

  Engage with new borrowers on their schedule, anytime, anywhere. 


SoftPull Text

A client texts the word "Go" to your MonitorBase phone number, they instantly gets a link where they provide their name and address and see the loan programs they credit pre-qualify for in seconds. 

SoftPull Web

A client clicks a SoftPull button in you or your agent's email where they provide their name and address and see the loan programs they credit pre-qualify for in seconds.  Also, for a more custom solution, you can run a Soft Pull through the MonitorBase API >>